The Stronghold series introduces past states — both minor principalities which only ruled a small territory as well as expansive domains — along with the centers of power which existed in these lands and the institutions that existed in these lands. It is our pleasure to focus, i.e., make them the principal subject of a title, on domains which may have previously only been chapters or sections in other books.

In addition to the textual content, each title includes numerous illustrations, graphics, and maps.

The series aims to publish very high quality titles: our authors are subject matter experts whose work is further proofed by the editors, including a scientific editor. All submissions are reviewed against extant published literature.

The Bishopric of Saare-Lääne, 1227–1573

The Most Prosperous Territory.

The Bishopric of Tartu, 1224–1558

The Most Powerful Territory.

The Teutonic Order in the Diocese of Tartu, 1237–1561

The Heart of Livonia.