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Principles of Processing Customer Data

Eostre Publications OÜ is the responsible processor of personal data. Eostre Publications OÜ transfers the necessary personal data to an authorized payment processor to execute payments. Where Maksekeskus AS is the authorized payment processor, Eostre Publications OÜ transfers the necessary personal data to Maksekeskus AS in order to execute payments.

This document defines the purposes, composition, processing, and confidentiality of customer data in the possession of Eostre Publications OÜ.

Who is a Customer?

A customer is a person who has entered into a contractual relationship with Eostre Publications OÜ.

What are Customer Data?

Customer data is any information known to Eostre Publications OÜ about its customer (e.g., customer’s name, personal identification number, contact details, transaction data).

What is the Processing of Customer Data?

The processing of customer data is any operation with customer data (including collecting, storing, organizing, retaining, modifying, disclosing, allowing access to customer data, making inquiries and extracts, using, transmitting, cross-using, combining, closing, deleting, and destroying).

Who is the Processor of Customer Data?

The processor of customer data is Eostre Publications OÜ (reg. code 16151385, Veskilise tn 7-50, Tallinn, 10621). Authorized processors of customer data are contractual software maintenance service providers of Eostre Publications OÜ.

Who is a Third Party?

A third party is a natural or legal person who is not a customer or a processor of customer data.

What is the Composition of the Processed Customer Data?

Eostre Publications OÜ collects customer data in the following composition:

  • First and last name/company name;
  • Personal identification number/registration code;
  • Place of residence/location;
  • Bank account;
  • Contact details.
  • Transaction data (data on purchases made by the customer)
  • Data on habits, preferences, and satisfaction (e.g., data on the activity of service use, services used, and customer satisfaction, as well as data related to complaints);
  • All data transmitted by the customer (excluding sensitive personal data), including the right of Eostre Publications OÜ to record all orders given via communication means (e.g., phone and computer network).

Under the law, Eostre Publications OÜ has the right to process data about the customer not mentioned in this Consent.

What is the Purpose of Processing Customer Data?

Eostre Publications OÜ processes customer data in order to: fulfill the contract with the customer; protect its violated or disputed rights (e.g., data transmission to the court); better understand customer expectations and thereby offer suitable, quality services; fulfill its obligations arising from legal norms (e.g., data transmission to investigative bodies).

In What Cases Do We Disclose Customer Data?

Customer data is confidential, it is not issued, and access is not provided to third parties without prior consent of the customer, except in cases provided by law.

How Do We Use Customer Data in Service Provision?

Eostre Publications OÜ sends offers to customers. Eostre Publications OÜ also sends offers to customers made by carefully selected partners. The partner does not gain access to customer data unless the customer has expressed specific interest in the partner’s goods or services. Customers have the right to contact Eostre Publications OÜ at any time to express their desire not to receive personalized offers.

How to Modify Your Customer Data and Request the Termination of Their Processing?

Customers have the right to access their customer data via email at If customer data has changed or is otherwise incorrect, the customer must report this via email at Customers have the right to request the cessation of their data processing and/or deletion of collected data if such right arises from personal data protection law or other legal acts.

Where to Get Additional Information on the Processing of Customer Data?

If you want more detailed explanation about the processing of your customer data, write to the email address We will respond to your letters on weekdays from 08:00 to 17:00.