Web Store Sales Conditions

The owner of the online store https://eostreprint.eu/shop/ (hereinafter referred to as the Web Store) is Eostre Publications OÜ (reg. code 16151385), located at Veskilise tn 7-50, Tallinn, 10621.

Validity of the Sales Contract, Goods, and Price Information

The sales conditions apply to purchasing books, e-books, and other goods (hereinafter: Goods) from the Web Store.

Prices of products sold in the Web Store are indicated alongside the Goods and include VAT.

All prices for the Goods in the Web Store are in euros, unless the user has chosen to display prices in other currencies. Prices in euros are the original prices.

There is no charge for delivering the Goods, provided that delivery occurs electronically. It is not possible to order physical items from the Web Store. To order physical objects, one must contact the owner of the Web Store. Dependent on this, no delivery fee is displayed or charged to the buyer.

Information about the Goods is presented in the Web Store directly alongside the Goods.

Placing an Order

To order Goods, add the desired products to the shopping cart.

To place an order, fill in the required data fields. The total amount to be paid is then displayed, which can be paid securely through the following payment methods:

  • Estonian bank payments: Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, LHV, Coop Bank, Citadele, Pocopay
  • Visa/Mastercard/American Express card payments

NB! When paying via bank link, be sure to click the button “Back to the merchant” on the bank’s page.

Estonian bank payments are intermediated by Maksekeskus AS. Payment occurs outside the Web Store in a secure environment – in the secure environment of the respective bank when paying via bank link. The seller does not have access to the client’s bank and credit card details. The contract becomes effective from the moment the sum due is received in the Web Store’s account. The owner of the Web Store is the responsible processor of personal data and transfers the necessary personal data for executing payments to the authorized processor Maksekeskus AS.

Visa/Mastercard/American Express card payments are intermediated by WooPayments in partnership with Stripe. The owner of the Web Store is the responsible processor of personal data and transfers the necessary personal data for executing payments to the authorized processor Stripe.

If it is not possible to deliver the ordered Goods, the buyer will be informed at the earliest opportunity and the paid money will be refunded immediately, but no later than 14 days from sending the notice.

Effectiveness of the Sales Contract and Delivery of Goods

With the sales contract, the Web Store undertakes to hand over the Goods stipulated in the contract to the buyer and to enable the transfer of ownership to the buyer, and the buyer undertakes to pay the Web Store the sum indicated on the invoice for the Goods and to accept the Goods.

Orders not paid for within three days from placing the order will be cancelled.

The sales contract becomes effective after the buyer confirms the payment transaction in the payment environment chosen by the buyer.

Order fulfilment occurs automatically. The only option for receiving Goods in the Web Store is electronic delivery. The buyer must enter a working email address and a download link is sent immediately upon placing the order. The ordered Goods and invoice generally arrive at your email address within one hour. The download link is also displayed immediately after placing the order. If the download link has not reached the buyer within three days, please contact us at info@eostreprint.eu.

Right of Withdrawal

The buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract concluded in the e-store within 14 days provided that the buyer has not downloaded the Goods stipulated in the order.

The right of withdrawal does not apply if the buyer is a legal entity.

To withdraw from the order, a declaration of withdrawal from the purchase of Goods must be submitted, for which it is sufficient to send an email to info@eostreprint.eu no later than 14 days from placing the order.

The Web Store has the right to withdraw from the sales transaction and demand the Goods back from the buyer if the price of the Goods in the Web Store is mistakenly marked significantly below the Goods’ usual market price.

Direct Marketing and Processing of Personal Data

The Web Store uses the personal data entered by the buyer only for processing the order and delivering the Goods to the buyer.

The Web Store sends newsletters and offers to the buyer’s email address only if the buyer has expressed a desire to do so by entering an email address on the website and indicating their wish to receive direct mail notifications.

The buyer can opt-out of receiving offers and newsletters sent to their email at any time by notifying us via email or by following the instructions contained in the email containing the offers.

Right of Return and Procedure for Submitting Complaints

The buyer has the right to address complaints to the Web Store. This can be done using the Web Store’s contact form at https://eostreprint.eu/ or by sending an email to info@eostreprint.eu.

The Web Store will respond to the consumer’s complaint in writing or in a format that allows written reproduction within 15 days.

The buyer has the right to a refund if the Goods do not correspond to the content described in the Web Store.

The Web Store is not liable for any damages incurred by the buyer or for the delay in delivering the Goods if the delay in delivering the Goods is due to circumstances that the Web Store could not influence or foresee.

If the buyer and the Web Store cannot resolve the dispute by agreement, the buyer may turn to the Consumer Disputes Committee. The buyer may file a complaint themselves or through a representative. The details of the Consumer Protection Committee are available on the website of the Consumer Protection Board. The buyer may turn to the European Union platform for resolving consumer disputes.